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    Создам сайт по самым низким ценам в Латвии
    Vietņu izstrāde
    Рига, Jurmalas Gatve, 90
    15.00 €

    Готов сделать вам Langing page или сайт-визитку по самым низким ценам в России и Европе. Готов сделать за Вас всю работу по созданию сайта, начиная от покупки хостинга и домена, и заканчивая полностью готовым сайтом, а также его запуском в сеть. Сайт - это лицо вашей компании. Покажите ваше "лицо" с наилучшей стороны и за вами потянутся все остальные. Цена обговаривается с каждом персонально. Готов ответить на ваши вопросы в Skype / Whatsapp / Telegram / Viber или через почту. Отвечаю в течении 1 часа. Писать на почту: Artshloma@gmail.com

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    Solum DeSignum
    Vietņu izstrāde
    1 200 €

    Solum DeSignum - Vienkārši Dizains: Mēs nodarbojamies ar mājas lapu izstrādi pēc klienta individuāla pasūtījuma tiek izstrādātas mājas lapa. Kura ievēro mūsdienu kvalitātes kritērijiem Laravel php ,Bootstrap: 3 vai 4 vai Zurb Foundation sēkojot pēc HTML5,CSS3 standartiem.

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    Full Stack Developer
    Vietņu izstrāde
    Rīga, Centrs, Brīvības Iela

    Salary up to 2300 Eur + bonuses. Are you a Full Stack Developer who relishes technical challenges of the Back End as well as the art of the Front End? Or you have a friend-developer, bringing to us for which you can get 500 euros. If so, we want to hear from you. Top Level Analytic IT services group is an established software business working on a range of technical software development projects for their clients. What we need from you: - 2+ years of web development experience as a Full Stack (real projects) - Expertise with PHP Programming and MySQL - Experienced with at least one modern PHP framework - Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS3 - Good programming skills with native JavaScript, using latest standards - Experienced with Angular (preferred) or other JS framework - Using Gulp (preferred) or other bundling tools - Good experience in OOP/Patterns - Experience with Content Management systems like Word Press, Drupal etc. - Experienced GIT user - Linux basic Responsibilities: - Working closely with other development units in the company to share information regarding application subject matters and know-how. - Ability to develop closely following the functional design, ensuring the wishes of the client and user-end. - Understanding of technical designs and Keep in control of project timelines and specifications, company`s design, coding and performance tuning standards. From our side we offer: - Career growth and opportunities for development, - Training and courses on company budget - Creative and friendly team - Dynamic work - Work in a large and comfortable office in the center of Riga This is a great opportunity to work within a fantastic team. Would like to find out more about the role or the company, please get in touch.